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Saturday Fellowship

5a7 Saturday Fellowship cropped rr-800We will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall for food and fellowship with a potluck dinner. After dinner, the children learn Bible verses during the “Bible Black Belt” program where the sanctuary becomes their dojo and they earn karate style belts as they learn more about the Bible, while the adults remain in the fellowship hall for a Bible study.

We are currently reading I Corinthians. This is a casual group. We have good food and wine, great discussions and it is a nice time to get together and laugh and get to know one another. We welcome all ages and would love to have everyone join us.

5a7-2 Bible black beltIf you are interested in coming, please email Shannon Trevino at shannontrevino@live.com or call her at 561-707-8045 to be added to the email list and sign up for a potluck dish. We look forward to seeing you there!